Sunday, September 21, 2008

long over due update...

Well, it has been over seven weeks since everything. I would say seven long weeks, but honestly, time has been flying by. It feels like just yesterday Sean was right by my side. The girls and I miss him beyond words. People say it gets better, but lately everything has been a bit overwhelming. He is really not coming back. I am thankful I still have my friends here by my side everyday, not a day goes by that someone does not stop and see the girls and I. I have said this before, but I don't know what I would do without them! Still trying to stay busy, still working, still getting out and about... The girls are doing great! Ella is transitioning into the terrible twos, thats for sure! Addie loves to talk about Sean everyday. This past week was family week at school for her, so I was a little worried about that, but she took it quite well~ It was a little hard for me--as the kids had made a chart showing how many people were in each their family and Addie's name was under the "3 in our family" section. I still like to think that their are 4 people in our family, so that was a kick in the butt I would have to say!
I have been going over a lot of stuff and I am trying to figure out a plan so that I am able to go back to college this winter. I am hoping to go for my bachelors in nursing! I have learned so much throughout Sean's journey, that I would love to be one of the lovely nurses who I know helped us so much. A year ago, I would say no way to something like this, but gone through everything Sean and I have been through, I feel I can do anything! It is definitely going to be a bit of a juggle--school, work, kids, friends... but I NEED to do it! I am looking forward to it and hopefully it will be a much needed distraction for me.
No big plans for us here in the near future, but I am hoping to take a vacation sometime soon-- i need one. Thanks everyone for sticking by my side! I love you all!


Pine Pod Farm said...

Good luck with school and hugs and prayers for you and your family Nikki!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, I'm glad to hear that you are seriously thinking about nursing school. It is a wonderful career now, allowing for quite a bit of flexibility, and pays well. I went back to school in my 30's; and when I look back, I don't know how I did it. I was exhausted all the time, but I truly just took it a day at a time, and it was a life-changing decision. I wouldn't be where I am today without the change in career that I made. My best to you, always! Melanie (MCfromCA)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear u are going to college for nursing, this truely is your calling.
*hugs to u and the the girls*