Monday, April 28, 2008

Home sweet home!

Oh my goodness, what a busy, busy time! We are finally settling into the new house~ now it is time for the unpacking! Everything has been quite hectic around here... I will also attempt to go back to work full time for a couple of weeks while Sean has his break from treatment. Sean has been doing quite well lately, seems he is getting stronger and stronger each day! He still needs to put on quite a bit more weight though. Sean's next appointment in Chicago is not until May 9th! It seems a little odd to have such a long break in between appointments, since he was going multiple times a week before. I was going to post a photo of our new house--but it seems my card reader is packed away~somewhere?! So as soon as I find the card reader.. I will definitely need to post lots of pictures!
The girls continue to do great, Addie is loving the new house because she is able to play outside a lot! (Well, when the weather was in the 70's... now we have this 40's stuff back, yuck!)
I will update soon, we finally have the internet on here at the new house-thought I was gonna go crazy without it : )!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Today, Sean had his follow up appointment in Chicago. Dr. Hallmeyer went over Sean's scans and he is STABLE! On the scans, it looks as if the tumors are breaking down and starting to die! After multiple scans over the last few months, this has got to be the best report. Dr.H would like to have Sean take a few more weeks off from biochemo, so she can scan him again in 4-6 weeks to be more sure that the tumors continue to break down. As long as Sean continues to stay stable, he will hopefully start having the chance to become stronger (since he will have a break from treatment). He is finally gaining weight also! He is up to 122 (gained 12lbs)! It is late .. I will update more soon, I just had to spread the good news now! ~nicole~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So, Sean had his scans done on Tuesday! Major scanxiety right now! I have been calling the hospital all day today to see if the report was available, but I will not be able to get it until tomorrow. Then on Friday, Sean will have his appointment with Dr.Hallmeyer in Chicago. Sean was going to start round 3 this coming Saturday, but they are allowing him an extra week off! He will return for round 3 the week after next instead.
This week, we are moving into our new home. I am not thrilled about having to pack everything and move it all over to the new place, but I am pretty excited about the new place! Our new home is great and I am hoping it will be a fresh new beginning. Making this move would have never been possible without the help of Sean's lovely oncology nurses here in Fremont, thank you, thank you so much for being the generous people you are!
The support for Sean and I has been overwhelming this week! There are so many of you I would like to thank. We appreciate what everyone has done for us--Mrs.Escalante has been such a great nanny to the girls during our long trips to Chicago, along with Sean's parents. For any and all that have helped during our trips to Chicago-Thank you! Thanks to everyone who has been over here to help us pack and bring stuff to the new house! The wonderful radiology team at Gerber giving us diapers for Ella! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers you have sent. You have all been very thoughtful, I thank you more then words can say.
I will try to update tomorrow as long as I get the results of Sean's scans--we are hoping for much needed good news tomorrow! ~nicole~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy busy days again...

As usual, it has been sometime since I updated. It seems the first week after coming home is always so hectic! It definitely flies by quickly. Sean will have CT scans this coming Tuesday, so the scanxiety is definitely kicking in again! He has done a fairly quick turn around from last weeks biochemo! His blood levels were hanging on for quite a while, but his red blood cell decided to take a little dip the other day, so Sean had a transfusion yesterday. Eating well, he is weighing 115 now, but some of that may be water gain still. Lets hope he can hold onto those few extra pounds! We will return to Chicago next Friday on the 18th to go over Sean's scans and if all is working, Sean will possibly start round 3 on that Saturday.
The girls are doing great. Ella is walking more and more everyday! Addie impresses us everyday with how smart she is. Her Grandpa Marty calls her little Ms. Addie-tude, it fits her well! The girls are becoming best friends and it is so adorable to watch them play together : ).
Keep the prayers and thoughts coming please, every one helps! Thank you, ~nicole~

Friday, April 4, 2008

A little update.. and redemption for Sean!

Hello all! Just a quick update... Sean is still not doing to bad, he continues to get nauseas quite a bit. He finished the chemo part of the treatment tonight and tomorrow is the last day for IL-2 and last interferon shot... for this round that is! Sean will be doing scans somewhere around April 16th, appointment in Chicago the 18th and he will possibly be admitted to the hospital on the 19th- as long as all goes well and Sean is responding. Here is a normal photo of Sean from yesterday- you can tell he looks tired in it though. He is also very red! He seems to get that way about an hour after they give him his interferon shot.
(By the way, if anyone sees Sean~let him know he needs to shave : ))

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So we have made it to day 2! Sean has been quite nauseas at times, but otherwise still kickin! Here is what boredism can do to you...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We are finally here! We had a few problems with Sean's insurance, but I was able to work it out with them early this morning. Sean started his biochemo around 5:30 today. He is already exhausted from the prechemo medications that they gave him. Thats all for now, I will update again soon. ~nicole~